Wool Mill

The genesis of my coat, made from fine wool, spinning backwards through the looms, onto the body of a lamb, a black sheep a bit apart from the flock, grazing on the side of a hill. A lamb opening its eyes to the clouds that resemble for a moment the woolly backs of his own kind.”-Patty Smith

The Mill, Lucy

CONNECTING PEOPLE, LAND, AND FIBER. Supporting the fiber community through sustainable land practices, cottage industry, and education.

The Wool Mill at Compass Rose Farms was created to support our regional fibershed: a web of producers, processors, shearers, shepherds shepherdesses, weavers, spinners, felters, and artists. Who are working together to create fiber culture, clothes, and homes that reflect the land with which we live. The Mill prioritizes purchasing local fibers for blending, processing raw fiber into usable products, supporting our Farming and arts communities, and weaving together more strands of this fiber shed we call home.

For more information or to have your fiber processed please visit us at compassrosewoolmill.com

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