Weavers Grove

“Magick has never disappeared from the earth. The people of the earth just forgot what magick is. The entire earth holds such magick that if we really spent time relearning the ways of our ancestors we would know that we are one and the same.” Nava Kennedy.

This sacred Grove is the last stand of forest in this valley, we don’t know why it escaped the logging but we are eternally grateful for its protection…

The Weavers Grove is a 10-acre woodland in the middle of the Uncas valley. It is a mix of maple, alder, cedar, sitka, and willow, each group cultivating its favorite corner. The southern, and eastern border is edged by Compass Rose Creek, and the east and north sides are bordered by a second creek and farm lane. In the center of the forest is a seep that forms dark reflective pools of water. This patchwork quilt is stitched together with many small paths and bridges. Throughout the Grove, you will find places for group gatherings, solitary contemplation, and ceremony.

As you enter the grove from the south, cross the bridge and ring the prayer bell. Then pause, take a deep breath, and follow the path..

On your left, you will come to a circle of standing stones known as The Labyrinth you can walk its perimeter or spiral into the center and back out again. The eight standing stones represent the solstices, equinoxes, and the four harvest festivals, one for each time of the year. North is yule, moving sunwise can you find your birthday on this annual calendar?

In the center of the wood, you’ll find The Gathering Place, a circle of benches around a central fire. This is a place for celebration, sharing, dancing, and storytelling. 

 Follow the path to the east and you will come to The Portal, our oldest and most sacred site. This is the place of weddings and funerals, a place to kindle a sacred fire. 

To the north, you will see the clootie tree or prayer tree, tie a ribbon for a prayer or leave a poem or song hanging in the branches. 

Here I shall leave you and let you wander, the woods will show you the way.

The name Weaver’s Grove was given to me by the trees. As I walked here I began to notice how their roots intertwined with each other, not only the same species, the alder for example will reach out and hold the hands of the cedar. This generous exchange of nutrients creates a network of stability unifying the entire woods into one being. 

As I contemplated this, I began picking up the sticks they had so generously tossed to the ground. I laid them in lines between trees, imitating the root paths. These lines grew up into arches forming gateways and boundaries. That was when the Grove and I began to collaborate and when I realized I had been adopted by the trees. 

The Weavers Grove is a place for sacred creativity and we invite you to weave with us. You can join me in sculpting with the branches or lining the edge of a path. Collecting leaves, snail shells, moss, cones, and stones to place on alters to express gratitude. Form “landalas” from these bits and pieces of nature for other travelers to find. Tie prayer ribbons, gifts, and weavings on our prayer tree. However, you choose to weave, follow your heart, keep it simple and think of those who will come after you. 

We would like to invite you to join us. If you are a caregiver and need a solitary retreat or if you are a teacher or leader and would like to use the Grove for workshops or ceremonies or if you would like to become a Grove Member please contact us.

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