Weavers Hall Project

The Weaver Hall

About 5 years ago the idea of building a yurt as a gathering place for the community of Compass Rose Farms was started, two years ago that pot was stirred again, and this year it has begun to boil. We have long needed a central house to gather, work, celebrate and teach classes.

Our current space is insufficient for winter gatherings and is to small to hold our growing community and many of our classes are being held outdoors. Having a four-season building will allow us to expand our community and make greater offerings throughout the year.

The “reflection in the water” now shows a 30-ft yurt, with a woodstove, six windows and a double door facing south, all resting on a low platform in the arms of the Moon garden. This central location gives access to current parking and potentially additional parking including ADA options.

How you can be a part of this project?

We are happy to share we have volunteer labor, a wood stove, and a $10,000 start on the cost of materials. What’s next is funding the rest of the materials. We will get there in a number of years, but many people want this to become a reality as quickly as possible and have asked where they can donate to accelerate the project.

This space can hold so much..

We support these initiatives:

women in business, regenerative agriculture, rural development, education and the arts through these community services.

The list below includes existing projects we would like to expand and services we want to offer.


public meeting hall, cultural story telling, indoor wedding venue, community celebrations, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas eve parties, farmers potluck night, music circle


safe house in a disaster, classes in food preservation, water security and disaster preparedness


retreats, yoga, massage, drumming circle, men’s and woman’s groups, grief work


dance, weaving, hand spinning, knitting, sewing


permaculture design course, regenerative agriculture, community films, guest speakers, classes and workshops, daycare, children’s farm school, The Gathering bimonthly fiber arts group.

The details


Community, arts and education space

Community services:

Community, Safety, Spirit, Art and Education.

Project Duration:

It will take 4 months for the manufacturer to create the structure, during that time we will construct the platform and do the electrical work.

Our project partners:

Rain Shadow Woodworks, Shari Burk and Vaughn-Miller LLC

Yurt structure:

Manufactured yurt built by Pacific Yurt Company $25,000

Crating $700 and shipping

Platform, flooring and foundation $12,000

Electrical $3,000

ways to contribute:

There are many ways to contribute to making this project a success.

  • Labor for constructing the platform.
  • Labor for putting up the yurt.
  • Electrical work to get the power from the farm house to the site.
  • Shipping and crating can be reduced if we pick up the structure ourselves.
  • Chimney and surround for the donated woodstove.
  • Adding a covered porch for shoes and coats will be a future project.

We invite you to be a part of this project and add your name to the hall as a member of our community.

Your donation will be embedded in the land and your name will be added to the braided border on the floor of the hall as one who wove this place into being.

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