Land Craft

All resources come from the land including the wisdom to use them. Learning from the land and creating a life that honors the place we live, is the foundation of culture, it is the path to an honorable life that is lived in a relationship. Accepting feedback and giving gratitude is the core of this land-based life, join me as we explore what it means to belong to the land.

Working with the Weeds

Wed, May 24 | Zoom

Kateen Fitzgerald and Marni Swart of Growing Roots Together have joined forces to offer you this online lecture.

Working with the weeds is an exploration of using and partnering with our regional plant systems. This class will give you tools to reduce work and increase productivity and nutrition in your gardens while cultivating a new mindset so we can work with these plants as partners in land management, and providers of nutrient-rich food and medicine.

Classes are now taught by request, as I am taking a sabbatical from full-time teaching. That being said, tell me what you are hungry for and chances are you are not alone. Let’s create a workshop that suits you and your friends let’s put out the call and gather the tribe.

Workshop possibilities…

  • Small Farm Production and Management
    • Lean Management
    • Farming Skills
    • Land Stewardship
    • Farming using Simple Technology
    • Sustainable Urban Farming Techniques
    • Harvest & Market Preparation
    • Homestead Butchering (seasonal and optional)
    • Greenhousing
    • Winter gardening
    • Tool care
  • Food Preservation
    • Fermenting
    • Pressing
    • Pickling
    • Canning
    • Drying/Dehydrating
    • Root Cellar Storage
  • Animal Wifery
    • Basic Animal Care
    • Animal Social Dynamics & Structures
    • Listening & Identifying Calls & Communication
    • Communicating through Calls & Behaviors
    • Observation & Improvement of Foraging Choices
  • Benefits of Animals
    • Icelandic Sheep: working with primitive breeds from birth to yarn
    • Chickens: cleaning the barn & converting pests into eggs
    • American Buff Geese: how to use birds for weeding & mowing
    • Muscovy Ducks: meat production from your lawn
    • Khaki Ducks: making eggs from slugs & snails
    • Turkeys: meat production & pest management
    • Bees: pollination & honey from a Perone hive
    • Bella & Miss Mew: keeping the mice down & watching for the UPS man, very important farm jobs.
  • Fiber Production & Processing
    • Hand Harvesting Wool by using a traditional method called Rooing
    • Sorting & Washing
    • Felted Pelts
    • Felting
    • Picking & Carding
    • Drop Spindling
    • Wheel Spinning
    • Knitting
    • Crochet
    • Weaving
  • Perennial & Annual Food Production
    • Growing a garden for personal food production
    • Orchard management and guild planting
    • Cultivating herbs for medicinal and culinary purposes
    • Hot and cold composting
    • Soil building/fertility farming
    • Propagation
    • Seed saving
    • Perennializing annual crops
    • Extending the season
    • Water sequestration
    • Greenhouse production
    • Sustainable harvesting
    • Polyculture planting
  • Working with Local Plants
    • The value of weeds: “chop & drop” composting in place and living fertilizer
    • Partnering with local weed systems to benefit your garden and diet
    • Living mulch
    • The 80/20 rule of weeding
    • How to create a “Hit List”
    • Uses of native plants & plant identification
    • Working with the forest
    • Water and wetlands
  • Traditional Skills
    • Proper use and care of tools
    • Building with sticks
    • Harvesting the woods
    • Working with hand tools
    • Natural building
    • A-frame level/micro swales
    • And other tricks of the trade
  • Living in Reciprocity
    • Skill Share
    • Community meals
    • Gift economy
    • Fire gatherings
    • Music and singing
    • Story telling
    • Holistic communication
    • Leaving it better than you found it
    • Growing space for others
    • Living in reciprocity with the land and each other

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